25 thoughts on “Cutie Mark Laboratories – TWILIGHT SPARKLE DIED “A Little Overanalytical” – Stages of Grief

  1. tredub111213

    I’m wondering if you’ve sent this to AnY yet. This was his theory during
    his Magical Mystery Cure review with Voice of Reason, and I’m sure he would
    love knowing that there is evidence to support his theory.

  2. Isaiah Soderlind

    thats quite a theory, but that is all it is, a theory, as much as I want to
    say “A pony theory!” Im afraid I’ll have to resist since that would sound
    too cliche`d. 

  3. Arista Pooya

    This is fake becuase twilicorn aka princess twilight went to a place ONLY
    celestia and the pony that is being an alicorn can go for an explain before
    twilicorn cadence she was originaly a pegasis then she went to the place
    and gets a horn and she was raised by celestia (sorry i put so much to read

  4. TheJojoNetwork

    and when Meghan McCarthy said twilight wouldn’t have a longer lifespan than
    her friends, she was talking about how she was the first to die, wow. but
    now, immorality is twilight’s curse, god help her.

  5. jrexx 56

    WTF its a kids show why would they sneak in shit tht the parents know
    would be there and plus twilight if she died she would have to go to
    jesus/god and celestia aint a god so… Y U NO MAKE SENSE!!!!!

  6. BioniclesaurKing4t2

    But the Messenger doesn’t *make* the messages, the Messenger *sends* or
    *conveys* the messages of others, which would actually point to Spike.


  7. White Eclipse

    While this may just be a very big coincidence I noticed something else with
    the mane six when they were corrupted into their opposites. While it is
    also shown when they were in their normal forms as well it seems most
    apparent here that there are a couple similarities to the deadly sins.
    Rainbowdash being sloth and possibly gluttony but I find that to be more
    with Pinkie Pie while Pinkie also seems to hold a little bit of wrath
    inside as well with the possibly insane thing going on with her, but I
    digress, Fluttershy being pride as seen in a couple episodes. Some people
    may disagree and say that Fluttershy is wrath but I seem to notice one
    thing different about Fluttershy that leads more to pride. If you see her
    in her discorded stage and her episode with iron will, I forget the name of
    the episode, she seems to be more to act verbally and she acts more
    immediately than plot against others which is generally what wrath is. Now
    the other three are a little more hard to pin point with Rarity being only
    greed when discorded, obviously, and with her being her normal self she
    seems more so envious with the other higher up class of ponies like the
    ones who live in Canterlot. Applejack becomes dishonest with her being
    discorded so there is another. The only one I cannot pin point and honestly
    I hope not to in any point in time of My Little Pony is lust because at
    that point My Little Pony just got into a grave that it is going to have
    the hardest time getting out of. I point all this out only for the two
    reasons of 1 discord being mentioned a few times with him corrupting the
    mane six and 2 there being religion put into the show and into this video.

  8. I'm Someone

    wait one thing i don’t understand
    why WOULD the elements kill her
    really i mean
    the elements don’t kill they defeat
    also magic is like the lead of all the elements so why would they kill the
    element of magic
    or the pony who prepresents magic?
    also if angels are thing working and living under god
    shouldn’t the rest of the ponies be angels ?
    no really they live under Celetia’s rule
    and like you said celestia IS the god of mlp

  9. C.L.G. Artisa

    You know, I’ve seen videos out there with people analysing this show, and
    they must really like analysing because there are a lot of those
    videos…….I think they over-analyis (I’m not even sure if I’m spelling
    that word right) this show too much, it’s like they’re taking the fun out
    of mlp fim. I felt like I needed to get that off my chest….

  10. Mitchell Hennig

    died and was reborn as an angelish alicorn princess. I never thought about
    it like that. Now that’s all im going to think about…because it makes
    total sense..(even though the angel thing is pushing it a bit, i now
    believe she did die thanks to this video) 

  11. bobby burchenal

    This is very similar to another theory that Link might actually be dead in
    Majora’s Mask. And all the evidence in this video actually has me wondering
    if Twilight is actually dead.

    But anyway you want to look at it, it’s just a theory.


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