25 thoughts on “Ed’s Meniere’s Disease: Chronic Illness Coping and 5 Stages of Grief

  1. raindance74

    Hang in there, it gets better. If you think about it, everyone has
    something that bothers them. I was diagnosed with chronic tinnitus in my
    left ear in Sep 2010, and after finally habituating to it after a year I am
    now going through what my ENT believes is chronic Eustachian tube
    dysfunction on top of that. It is frustrating, but most people with
    Menieres get better.

  2. casualtimmy

    Thank you again for making these videos. I have not found any support
    groups on FB. Just youtube and random websites. I hope you feel better
    soon. Just keep fighting.

  3. MrMoonpie001

    Ed, thanks again for your information and support. I am sorry to hear that
    you are indeed having a bilateral problem. I agree with you about the
    fustration of having to deal with this every single day and all the time. I
    just try to find things that make me happy and smile, love to listen to
    music and be as creative as I can be in my hobbies. Still production is
    down and often have to pace myself in everyway. Got approved for SS
    disability this week so at least now I am retired. Godbless

  4. Edmund Cheung

    @MrMoonpie001 Good luck to you. and Glad you go the SS disability.
    Unfortunately, Most physicians really do NOT understand this disease and
    the extremes in symptoms. The key is to find one that does. Will hopefully
    be trying to create a video about finding the right health care provider,
    but it is a tricky one to make.

  5. Edmund Cheung

    @heidicat45 Why is my video considered spam? I am just trying to help
    others. I am not selling anything or trying to push a radical opinion on
    anyone. I resent this flag of my video as spam.

  6. MrMoonpie001

    @123456fasted I would be willing to discuss some of this with you is you
    need some help brain storming. I like to use Skype if your interested or
    maybe we could talk via chat room if you know of one or create one. You are
    getting a pretty steady following and it might help others become more
    informed. Just a suggestion.

  7. Edmund Cheung

    Sorry no good solution for the Tinnitus, but there things that do help: 1)
    Lots of sleep with low stress 2) Benzodiazapines (Ativan, Klonopin, or
    Valium) at night 3) Hearing Aids definitely help decrease the amount. ALL
    hearing aid sellers MUST give you a full 60 day 100% refund with no
    questions if they do not help. 4) B complex vitamins and regular Calcium
    Supplements cannot hurt. 5) Vit C higher dose or Citrus / Lemon Extract has
    been supposedly helpful.

  8. imamyt1

    Thanks Ed for this and all your videos.Ive been going through these stages
    myself and some days are good and others as you know not so much.Ive been
    suspected of having meneieres but more testing is coming,but i have had
    constant dizziness,tinitus,and pressure for 9 weeks now.Im on the diuretics
    and low salt regimin,and been out of work for 2 weeks.I really sensed your
    frustration at the end and you have my compassion .Have you considered the
    surgrys at all? Or the geramicin injections?

  9. droid1226

    You can get better but you must treat the cause, or try to. You can’t just
    let a doctor say labrynthitis or meneire’s. They are both symptoms of an
    underlying infection.

  10. ssurfer85

    I have been suffering with this disease since my first year of college in
    2006 and was finally diagnosed in 2011. I have been having a really bad
    attack all week starting Monday night and actually bring me to tears. I
    came across a few blogs were people say they’ve had some luck with
    acupuncture. I went today for my first session and I have to say I think it
    helped. It’s a lot better than it has been all week, but that could just be
    a coincidence.

  11. ssurfer85

    If you haven’t tried it it might be worth a go… I’m also going to an
    osteopath on Friday as I’ve heard that some people have results With that
    too… I wish you the best of luck with managing your condition.

  12. Virginia Bonnough

    Your video was really great. I have not actually been diagnosed with
    Meniere’s, but do have some inner ear issues that have been going on off
    and on through the years and got worse when I developed CFS/fibromyalgia
    and chronic EBV. Things got really bad with pretty much daily
    dysequilibrium and dizziness after I had reactivation of EBV in 2011 and
    then got vaccines and had a severe reaction, which then caused some
    dysautonomia symptoms and I have definitely been going through those
    stages. Thx.

  13. Lori Mathews

    I was diagnosed with MD about 20 years ago in my 30’s. I had a sac
    decompression done immediately after my first severe attack and it was
    successful for 15 years with no symptoms. My symptoms returned about 5
    years ago and it is now bilateral. I have had three severe attacks
    requiring hospitalization and having to be taken to the hospital by
    ambulance. I take a strong diuretic every day and Valium. I am to the point
    now that I have severe fullness and dizziness every day.

  14. Barbara Gambichler

    I have Meniere’s Disease almost 6 years now. It took four months of
    testing, and every test coming out normal. I did go through a depression, I
    knew I wasn’t imagining these syptoms. When I was finally diagnosed with
    Meniere’s, I felt relief. I have all the symptoms every single day, deaf,
    tinnitus, vertigo and confusion. The violent attacks are few and far
    between, but the every day vertigo and being deaf, I’m used to now. I do
    miss my independence, driving and working, though.

  15. diana harrison

    Yes I have had it for many years and still miss my independence and perfect
    hearing. Now I am deaf in one ear and need two hearing aids. Tinnitus there
    still but I have found ways to manage it using external sounds

  16. Sally Brown

    I have had this since childhood, and I am on serc and spiractin, due to a
    complicating potassium issue.
    Most days, I tend to think that nobody understands. You, however, seem to
    know how much it can interfere with your life-unfortunately, I am
    bilaterally affected.
    My speech is seriously degenerating year by year.
    I mostly try to get myself to tai chi sessions, both in the water, and on
    land-it seems to help.
    I was too young to deny I had it, but I do wish for better hearing so I can

  17. Chibi Rose

    Thank you for your video. My dad is going through a terrible episode, and
    we are scared. He’s had this for many, many years–since I was a child.
    Thank God, he managed to control it and live a descent life. But years
    later, which is now, he got one of the worse attacks. Your videos are great
    and informative. It gives me relief that others are able to cope with this.
    The best of luck to everyone.

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