25 thoughts on “Game Theory: Is Link Dead in Majora’s Mask?

  1. The Game Theorists

    Theorists, it’s dangerous to go below. Take this…knowledge:

    Click nothing, trust no one, and keep theorizing.

    We shall overcome…clickable virus links and bad portraits made of

  2. d1ggitydan

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  3. AnythingLoud

    Also, the game that came directly after Majora’s Mask was Wind Waker, where
    Link was talked about as a legendary hero, and the main character is just a
    kid dressed like Link. Link died.

  4. Nuggetmaster1000

    This theory is so stupid. Why do so many people accept it to be true? Link
    didn’t die in that hole, it transported him to an alternate dimension. That
    world is called Termina because everyone is gonna die in three days! Also,
    the Hero’s Shade in Twilight Princess was confirmed to be the spirit of
    Link’s regrets, and that the Twilight Princess Link is this Link’s son. If
    Link died in Majora’s Mask, he wouldn’t have a son you fucking morons! You
    guys should put me on your channel. I have a theory about OoT that has ZERO
    HOLES, has lots of evidence, and MAKES FUCKING SENSE. But I’m never gonna
    do the “It’s just a theory…A GAME THEORY!” thing. I cringe every time I
    hear that.

  5. Skyeast Rulas

    My only question is, How come he is dead, but he became a stalfos… so,,
    basically you are saying that his spirit died and only remain a souless
    stalfos? and if he is a souless stalfos, what’s with the stalfos that
    teach you moves in twilight o.o

  6. Mark Darland

    So, coming here a few months late, but this is just grasping at straws.
    If my English doesn’t fail me, which it probably will, this is called

    This is more of a “Hot Reading” styled theory, modeled after “Psychics,”
    than an actual original theory, albeit you’re not a psychic. You have just
    as much information as the rest of the Zelda fan base, you just interpret
    it differently. “Hot Reading” Information below.


    A much more logical, and practical, explanation: Technical limitations.
    Sure, interpreting it as art is nice, but using the same game engine to
    create a sequel, which uses all previous models, meshes, animations, and
    graphics, is much more cost-effective and productive.

    A side note, of enormous proportions, is that it is also documented that
    “Gameplay over story” is the norm for creating Zelda titles. This coincides
    with the inaccuracies of the Official Zelda timeline.

    All Zelda titles were created with the mindset “Gameplay comes first, story
    comes later.”

    Not really calling you out since the name of the show is “Game Theories,”
    but it’s a nice sentiment until Nintendo either ‘Come clean’ or use this
    particular Theory as their saving grace.

  7. Donny Burt

    Hey everyone unsubscribe to this bastard this guy is lying that game link
    is not dead he’s just a big a****** he just wants to be right but he’s not
    I have that game and link its not dead yeah he’s a f****** liar you know it
    and un
    subscribe him

  8. Fearfulcrawdog

    Uh if I could just point out, if link is dead how could he have a kid? and
    at that fact how would he come back as a whatever being so tall? and I know
    Zelda games aren’t exactly top in realism, but come on they wouldn’t let it
    that big of a plot whole made

  9. MrStapelz

    Two things I guess that completely break this theory, though it is
    1) In the official nintendo guide, it says the link of TP is a direct
    descendant of OoT Link. and
    2) Link is far larger as a Stalpho in TP than he is Marojra’s mask. He’s
    an adult as a Stalpho. Children who die become the skeleton kids who
    attack you in OoT at night as a kid.

  10. Boyd Huntsman

    2:50 Why is that footage such good quality compared to most of the other
    footage captured from the game? It looked like a texture pack or a
    remake… Please explain. I’m so lost.

  11. PikaLink91

    While I can see the whole “Link dying”-theory work in terms of The Hero’s
    Shade in Twilight, I still don’t see how the five stages of acceptance is
    connected to Link. As MatPat explains, it is the characters you meet
    throughout the game who goes through these five stages, not Link himself,
    in fact Link is as pale and emotionless as usual…. except when he puts on
    a mask xD

  12. prelynmax

    I call bullshit on the Link is Dead theory. All of these could be valid in
    the living too. Link fell off a cliff, but he appeared out from

  13. Big Baller Shot Caller

    The Link in TP is a direct descendant of the hero of time so unless he
    returned to being a kid when he died (makes no sense) this is bullshit.

  14. Bannana Monkeybread

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