13 thoughts on “holmes&watson | five stages of grief

  1. Selma Guellouz

    I’ve been waiting for this since you first said you were making a vid for
    ACD’s birthday on tumblr. (tbh i’m always waiting for your vids) and
    ohmygooood this was amazing as usual! PERFECT EDITING IS PERFECT AND YOU
    GAVE ME ALL THE FEELS hagdjegdjgefgrhjgf
    Happy Birthday Sir Arthur Conan Doyle <3

  2. KiwiiChann

    You’re the most talented video editor on YouTube SERIOUSLY This is freaking
    epic, your editing leaves me speechless everytime!
    Great great job! :D

  3. lauri810

    Yes yes yes, you are like one of the most talented people I have ever
    seen!! all you do is gold <3 I am crying because I am so jealous of you and
    your skills, This is so perfect!!!!!!!! :D

  4. tequiree

    sososo beautiful

    me: *asks vinu if holmes is truly dead*
    vinu: just watch the films and you’ll know
    me: *watches vinu’s vids instead*

  5. spulgaciite

    i am going to watch holmes movies just because of you.
    because your editing is worth to be subscribed for eternity.
    *your use of effects blow me away.* so. fucking. artistic. welpp :’)
    you’re a professional for sure

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