25 thoughts on “Jemi; 5 Stages Of Grief

  1. JoltedTearsx

    Seriously what is with my subscriptions adding STUPIDLY AMAZING videos!?
    Just earlier today, I saw the most epic and amazing Niley video.. then you
    go and upload my other favourite couple, Jemi, in an OUTSTANDING video!
    WOW. Just WOW. THE BEST Jemi video I’ve seen, EVER! I love it! <3

  2. raegrl123

    I’m almost crying… honestly… The bargaining and depression parts are
    what did it… =( I mis Jeeemmmiiiiiiiii………………..!!

  3. Akucita

    I’m speechless I can’t say anything but watch the whole video. Is amazing,
    the songs are awesome and so appropiated. *-* Nice one!! I’m so in love
    with it!

  4. xJemixNileyxFan

    Wow You’re Amazing, You’re Video Are Wow I Think I Like Favourited Already
    2 Of Then xD Could You Please Possible Tell Me From Where You Download Like
    The Clips Of Behind The Scenes Of Teen Vogue ..Thanks =] And Awesome Job
    Again ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. andyournameiss

    Demi was such a cute couple(x . Loved this video.! breathtaking(: I’m so
    happy i subbed you a while back. all of your videos are utterly perfect<33 .

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