25 thoughts on “MISC MONDAY | Accepting the Loss & the 5 Stages of Grief | IndoorSmokers

  1. Myron Madiosn

    unique vid. I’ve learned so much from you tho. I just joined b/c I just
    started vaping (quit the stink sticks 5 days ago and not looking back, not
    even craving). Got my vision spinner 2 today. Love it! Got my Protank 2
    mini yesterday. Have a question though. I’m getting a burnt taste at 4.2v
    on both 1.8 and 2.2 ohm coils (and I took the 2nd flavor wick out of the
    2.2 as well). I’m vaping a nut mix I picked up this morning. It wasn’t
    burnt at 3.8v but vapor was a little low. What am I doing wrong.

  2. David Thomas

    great vid Chris, My Mom died in June of Last year and I think im stuck
    between stage 4 and 5…im depressed and dont want t o accept it at times..

  3. C Webb

    Though he was an ecig reviewer not a relationship coach……

    Also never reviewed or ive yet to see him with a Reo Grand in his

  4. Philip Eddy

    Chris, even though I have moved on to mechs and drippers, I still watch
    your videos they helped a lot in the early weeks of not smoking, and always
    come back for the laughs.

  5. ChipzAndBongHitz

    I went through a rough breakup almost 2 years ago and I’m definitely still
    in the 4th stage..even though I was the one who broke it off. I just found
    out the other day she’s with someone else now, and as much as it hurts, I
    think it will help me into the acceptance stage. you had the exact right
    words for me at the exact right time man. thanks so much.

  6. thee refuge

    Grief units are somewhat measurable. The stages of grief are well noted.
    Understanding grief is very important. Even more important,
    understanding impermanence, and how it relates to emptiness.

  7. triffius1

    I might not know why god’s crying, but I had tears from laughing so hard at
    that joke. I THOUGHT you had an evil streak in you. Put that devil’s mask
    back on. You’ve earned it!

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