25 thoughts on “NATHAN WILLS – 5 STAGES OF GRIEF

  1. Afrieal

    Sara the pain does ease…it will take a while but it does ease. I know you
    are sad now but remember he is your guardian spirit now and will always be
    with you. we love you and understand you’re not vlogging. cuddle your cats
    and focus on your happy memories. nathan exiting this existance happened
    nine years to the day from when my brother also a musician did. i fully
    believe they’re up there discussing music and watching over us with love be
    strong and be safe. we your fans love you

  2. GlobalMaster

    I recently watched Cory’s video “RIP Nathan Wills” and I decided to buy
    Nathan’s latest album to help his family. After I purchased the album
    Dreaming, it took me to his website and there was nothing to download.
    Since you’re maintaining his website, will the album be shipped to my
    address or am I going to be able to download it when the website is done?
    I’m sorry for your loss, Nathan was a great guy. Very positive and
    inspirational. R.I.P. Nathan

  3. William

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and his family. We loved his humor and
    music, but you loved the man. Each person is unique and special, cherish
    the moments you shared, love the man, and remember you are loved by many,
    as daughter, friend, family, and talent. Be well.

  4. Julia Taylor

    I am soooooooo dang sorry for your loss, Sara. I have lost several very
    good friends in the last few years, I lost my best friend of 13 years in
    2010. The pain will get easier to manage, but they will never be forgotten.
    We will always be here to watch your videos and support you in everything,
    Sara. You are a wonderful human being and do not let anyone say otherwise.
    You are a very kind soul. I really wanna meet you some day and give you a
    GIANT hug!

  5. slim4life

    I would listen to you no matter how long you talk. I was glad to see ur
    face but my heart feels tight each time you get tearful. Yes, things will
    get better, it’s just a matter of time. ~ hugs~ <3

  6. Aaron Ruff

    Hey Sara, We know that you loved him so much. I’m sure that this is really
    hard. I would like you to know that I, and I hope the rest of YouTube, are
    looking out for you. if you need to make a video just to unwind, we’ll
    understand. I’m glad to see how well you are doing right now. You are very
    strong. I really enjoyed what you said when you talked about doing things
    that you happy. I’m going to take this to heart. I have always been the
    kind of person to wonder what others think of me and not d

  7. Aimyloo

    You made ME cry knowing you were trying to be strong for Nathan, and your
    and his fans. Don’t hold back- do what you need to do. Your genuine love
    and caring shine through! I sure hope you get to see Gran, his mom and The
    Incredible Hulk… They are great- love them too! Hope they have messages.
    It will be kind of odd not to see them all now. 🙁 Where in the US are you

  8. NerdishByNature

    Hi Guys, thanks for all the support, please show your love to the family
    (FB search NathanWillsMusic). I want his music out there! Please go and get
    his albums or 1 track. You can use them on your videos (royalty free).

  9. saviorcy

    I found you through kate and stayed for you. You are an amazing person and
    this is just one step in life. it gets easier and you will cherish the days
    you have had and the days to come more. please make the most of what you
    have and know that we are all here for you when you need us.

  10. EraseMeElysion

    I’ve struggled with various things including self harm and eating and
    Nathan helped me so much. He was a beautiful person inside and out and his
    music and attitude made me smile. I’m trying not to cry writing this
    comment i didn’t know him but he seemed a brilliant talented
    person/musician and his music inspired me to carry on playing violin and
    piano. R.I.P nathan

  11. DoctorChallis

    I offer you my sincerest condolences, Sara. My best friend died just over a
    year ago and, for the longest time, I didn’t even attempt to talk to others
    about him. Just typing messages about him would reduce me to tears. Best of
    luck to you with the big move!

  12. Matthew Connell

    Hey Sara, It’s okay to be show that you’re hurting. Nathan and you were
    close to say the least. So don’t apologize to show how you’re feeling.
    Nathan will be greatly missed, but he will live on in the memories of those
    that loved him, and his music. So we’ll chop away at the votes for King of
    Web in his memory, even if we don’t win, we’ll show that Nathan Wills was
    truly loved all around the world. So grieve and mourn till you can’t
    anymore, because you’ll never be alone. Peace and Love.

  13. hippieg2o

    I never knew nathan but i love his music and his vlogs I wish i had meet
    him he was a amazing man and it feels like youtube has lost a wonderful

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