25 thoughts on “Stages of Grief

  1. Aisha Baranowska

    @shore469 Also, I think children should be able to understand the nature of
    death and if you are not able to experience grief for an animal, then how
    can you grief for human life…? ;* It is her very own experience. It
    should be respected. And I find it ridiculous that someone can actually
    have fun with posting it on youtube for everyone to see and laugh and say
    stupid things… Poor girl! 🙁 I am with her in her grief for every living
    creature on this Earth… 🙁

  2. Aisha Baranowska

    We should never be ironic about anyone’s feelings. This only prooves that
    the girl in question has got a beautiful and sensible little heart and good
    for her; I hope she will always be as compassionate as she’s now, towards
    anyone and anything on her way… True blessing! ;* A.B.;*

  3. musicbox193

    Don’t think of me as cold hearted because I understand how this feels to
    kids but I kind of feel that the death of a goldfish is not as big of a
    deal as the death of a person or even of a dog or cat

  4. Lauren Hynes

    no offense… but this is a pretty offensive video. I feel like whoever
    made this, is making a mockery out of her daughters grief. I don’t think
    grief is something to be trivialized – even if you are four years old and
    having a first time with death (even with a fish). The mother doesn’t even
    come off a little concerned or supportive. And I will add – the music is
    horrible and distracting and just adds to how this video isn’t being taken

  5. debra arseneau

    i am a ten year old girl i loved my dog she was dear to me she lived with
    me since she was one she was put down because she was spayed early and got
    bladder stones and i am still in grief it is hard to say good bye to a pet
    or family member i have learned this by the death of my mom cat egg roll
    and my two dead betta fish dealing with grief for a long time is the only
    way to get over it.also RIP athena my best friend forever.i read on the
    internet she ma visit me

  6. Gage Frederickson

    I have never had a loved one die, but I can imagine that “Acceptance” is
    the hardest part. I don’t think I’d ever make it there, it would take a
    couple of years.

  7. TheCraftingMinersInc

    I lost my mom. I’m only 14. Here’s my perspective
    Denial: No, no this cant be happening it doesn’t feel real
    Bargaining: Please don’t take my mom, it’s not her time yet
    Depression: *sniffs* she’s gone and i’ll never see her again
    Acceptance: I will see her in 80 years when i go to heaven

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