13 thoughts on “The 5 Stages Of Grief Explained

  1. uwintwomorrow YT

    I went through this when my first girlfriend brokeup with me. However I
    can’t go to the final step and the cycle keeps repeating over and over.
    Basically I need to except that she’s not comming back.


  2. leanne michael

    what a load of sxxt i am grieving not stages of grief you cant put a number
    on how you will grief you can people dont show or people do show grief so
    i am sorry you talk for yourself not on how and what will happed a gain
    your telling us how we will grief like someone saying your be fine you will
    get over it move on and go back to work this video show nothing as i said
    we are all not the same so dont tell people what will happend only your
    self knows there are no 5 ways 10 ways 15 ways 20 ways your body and heart
    and mind will tell you

  3. stotlermd

    I listened to your clinical description of the stages of grief and wondered
    if you ever experienced a devastating loss of someone you loved with your
    whole heart. Your basic description of the different ways grief affects you
    is pretty much on the money. There are people that put time periods on how
    long you should grieve and I noticed you encouraged people to view your Web
    site to learn how to expeditiously move through the stages. It takes as
    long as it takes and no one has a right to rush someone through it. Truth
    is, there is always that void that can never be filled by anyone and there
    will always be times when memories take you through a variety of emotions.
    I knew my sister loved me as much as I loved her and realized it would
    sadden her deeply to see me suffering, just as her grief would sadden me
    had I left life before her. I cried every single day that first year my
    sister died, but thinking about her love for me was what helped me emerge
    from the darkness grief brings. Oh, I still think of her and miss her every
    single day, but I think of the overwhelming joy I’ll feel when I die and
    see her again.

  4. James Thompson

    when my aunt died in a car accdent I went through the five stages of grief,
    I was only 8 years old when she died, I didn’t know what to do an I was
    confused, to this day I still grief her….but I have to accept that shes
    gone….but I’m 18 now an I’m sure my aunt would be happy on how I’ve

  5. 2BAlive100

    WTF? Dude, did you just say ‘the pain of birth’. Did you ever shoot a baby
    out ur penis? Don’t compare one thing to something that you yourself can
    never truly know.

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