12 thoughts on “The Five Stages of Grief -Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

  1. CounsellingResource

    Well ,as Carl Rogers said “when I think of societies I am pessimistic .
    when I think of individuals I am optimistic” the world is made up of
    individuals who can change

  2. jenwill11

    I don’t understand the bit about not cheering people up. I would personally
    want to be cheered up if I were dying and have a laugh, maybe not if I was
    grieving. I think there is some confusion on my part as to who
    Kubler-Rosses model was meant for, the dying or the grieving? …. Or did
    she mean it to be for both, it seems to be in her words for dying people
    but many people interpret it for grieving people!

  3. CounsellingResource

    I interpret ‘cheering up’ as saying things to grieving relatives like ‘it
    will be alright’ or ‘well she had a good innings ,she was 86’ etc. You are
    right Kubler Ross did most of her research on those who were terminally ill
    , my comments were aimed at those working with the bereaved.

  4. juliette watson

    Thank you for making this video. My brother had a best friend who died on a
    motor bike last week. I have been up all night trying to stop him crying. I
    am also upset because I loved his friend too. I am going to try to help my
    brother. My brother wont stop crying. Life is hard.

  5. nel cardinal

    Please note, at the end it is mentioned of two support organisations, it
    mentions Cruise bereavement care,,, which is spelt CRUSE AND NOT CRUISE,
    cruise is for going on a ship,,,, sorry to point it out but I have worked
    for CRUSE SOUTH KENT AREA in England for 14 years, it did make me laugh

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