25 thoughts on “The Grieving Process: Coping with Death

  1. CUB3Jsg22

    My friend committed suicide early Monday evening. Today was the funeral and
    I got to see her for the last time in my life. #RIPKelsey. Her smile was
    absolutely contagious and nothing will be the same without her.

  2. Diego Coralles

    My father died 2 days ago from cancer.. I never really talked to him much
    because of school and because of our misunderstanding. Now i feel this
    hole inside me which i could never fill. My point is don’t be a fool, say
    what you have to.. Don’t be like me.

  3. braxton wilson

    Ben… I’m so sorry I let you just die like that, but there was nothing I
    could do to help you. I haven’t forgotten you in the four years we’ve been
    apart, and I won’t. As much as I want to, I can’t. I love you, Ben.

  4. yuryeong

    Even though quite some time has passed, I just wish my grandma didn’t have
    to suffer so much before she died. And that wherever she is at now, she
    knows I will never forget her, no matter how many years pass.

  5. Hannah Larabee

    My dad died in June and my mom got a boyfriend 2 weeks later. I hate him
    and it makes it harder to deal with it. Whenever I cry about the death they
    tell me to shut up. I dot know what I should do

  6. lovevlahos

    My older sister committed suicide five months ago and my little sister have
    one week to live and my grammar is dying…..I’m fourteen 

  7. layla alves

    my dog, Winter that i only had for 1 year was hated by my dad and she has
    to go to the pound tomorrow and this video really helped me and i plan to
    be happy but i will never forget her.

  8. Myusernameistakenwtf

    I didn’t lose a loved one, but a friend of mine committed suicide 2 days
    ago. He was only a freshman in high school and it feels so devastating that
    it’s unreal. I wasn’t even close friends with him, just the fact that I
    remember his happy face and him saying hi to me, hurts to remember. It’s an
    awful thing to picture what happened and the only thing helping me in this
    time is telling myself he did it to be happier. And he’s much much happier

  9. JayKombat (BoonRaccoon)

    I lost my grandpa a while back.
    I still think about the pain my family went through on the night of his
    I was EXTREMELY close to him!
    I would spend time with him since age 5 and I had a great time.
    He then, became sick in 2013.
    He didn’t want to, eat, get up, or get active.
    After months have passed, he, died.
    I then became, different…
    I am now easily angered, saddened, stressed, and depressed.
    I still think of him, and I had dreams with him, and I sometimes can see
    him in the corner of my room around 12:00 PM, standing there, watching

  10. AECEntertainment

    I lost my granddad yesterday at 87 years old. He was failing fast and after
    5 weeks in hospital with kidney problems, as soon as he went to the nursing
    home 2 1/2 days later… he died. It has only now got to me how precious
    the time I had with him was. He was my father figure and an all round go to
    guy. He had been in the fleet air arm and welding companies, a well
    respected guy. R.I.P grampa Eddy

  11. Foxtrot323

    I lost my grandmother on October 31, 2013. She was 93 years old. The thing
    that makes it so difficult is that she was like a second mother to me,
    because all my life I had lived under the same roof as her. She used to
    pick me up from school and drive me places, and she was always in good
    spirits despite having several physical ailments. She died from anemia and
    complications from pneumonia. She had had the blood condition for about
    four years, but managed to carry on with daily living as usual for a very
    long time. Just over a year ago, she was still driving herself to the store
    and to the hair dresser, and she still cooked dinner every night for the
    family. But then around April of 2013, she developed pneumonia which left
    her very physically weak and frail. She managed to get by for a while in a
    nursing home before me and my family decided to bring her home for her
    final months. She enjoyed coming back home despite feeling very weak and in
    a lot of pain. Then on the night just before Halloween, she developed a
    high fever. She was rushed to the hospital, where she passed away the next
    day. I’m still trying to cope with my loss, because all my life I’ve been
    close with her. Nothing is the same now without her. She was such a loving,
    caring woman who was loved by all who knew her. I just love and miss her so
    much, and it’s so hard for me to deal with the fact that she’s gone…

  12. PunchehKitteh

    I know many people think that this is stupid but my friends pet is dying
    and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it ;..( I’ve been so upset

  13. ThinknoodlesFangirl

    I lost my grandma 2 months ago 🙁 she was really sick. I was just watching
    tv the day “it” happened and my uncle came out crying saying grandmas dead.
    I thought I was going to tear up. 🙁 

  14. Chocolate Pumpkin

    There are some raw emotions in these posts and sadly there is no easy fix
    to heal the indelible scar left from the loss of a loved one. I was 13 when
    cancer took my father…it also later claimed my mother. I found this
    song/animation by “Indelible Scars” that will profoundly resonate with
    anyone who has lost a loved one through illness #indeliblescarsreligion

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