15 thoughts on “The Stages of Grief and Moving Forward

  1. FitFabAnd40

    That’s where a lot of people get stuck. Its one of the hardest areas to
    move past. That’s why I recommend writing as it will help you begin to
    understand *why* you are unable to move past it.

  2. eternalsunny

    Oh my, I am stuck in denial for too long, its all because my narc ex
    husband says he is working on himself and wants to get back with me. He was
    aweome on one side, and a punishing man on the other. I just cant get past
    those awesome days and awesome things about him that it clouds my memory of
    the bad.

  3. dereks vids

    I was in a relationship with narc women,she to tried to isolate me from
    friends,if i looked at another women she went nuts, she did not even like
    me talking to somebody else,her favorite phrase was (i wont to go now) and
    i was threatened and blackmailed ect i have been out of it over a year now
    but there are days when it still hurts,i seen the red flags from the very
    beginning,she called me a dick head on our first date and i let ride, doing
    so i opened the flood gates for abuse,so i have only myself to blame,she
    did go quietly she done everything in her power destroy me, i am free now

  4. Amy Smith

    I just bumped into your videos. So far, sounds like my marriage. I hear
    what you say regarding leaving & no contact, but, what if it has been 17yrs
    of your life & there are 3 children involved?

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